BIBC Community Update – September 2023

Posted on 15 Sep

BIBC Community Update – September 2023

Here are some highlights from the BIBC Community:

  • First BIBC Seminar on Sept. 21st from 4 to 5 pm with a speaker presentation by Dr. Guizhi (Julian) Zhu.
  • A phase 1, first in human trial study led by Dr. Pedro Lowenstein and Dr. Maria G. Castro, shows exciting early results of a gene  therapy, combining two adenoviral vectors expressing HSV1-TK and Flt3L, safe and effective in extending survival rate for patients with high-grade gliomas.
  • Dr. Maria G. Castro presented her work as keynote speaker at the 6th Annual Finnish Brain Tumor Research Association (FIBTRA) – Kuopio 2023, Aug. 31st – Sept. 1st. 
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