Augment infrastructure to accelerate technology development, validation, and translation.

We build upon the existing research framework at the Biointerfaces and invest in three research cores to aggressively develop and translate technologies that target brain cancer.

Technology Development Core

Reproducibly make new drugs, nanoparticle formulations and prototype devices in sterile environment for animal testing by the other two cores. The materials will be characterized by several methodologies to assure accurate dosing and sterility. Broad applicability of new technologies for delivery of multiple drugs, scalability of processes and reproducibility experiments will be performed to facilitate filing and prosecution of patents and due diligence at out-licensing.

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Pre-clinical Testing Core

Conduct pharmacological evaluation of new technologies and therapeutic preclinical experiments in relevant brain tumor animal models, TME profiling and tumor burden/progression and response to therapeutics. These data will also be used for patents, due diligence and grant applications. Questions should be sent to the Core Director, Pedro Lowenstein at


Translation Core

Expert consultations to access Technology and Market Readiness and Regulatory Path. The translational core will also use material provided by “Technology Development” core to perform exploratory pharmacokinetics, safety and biocompatibility assessments of new technologies. Facilitate interactions for IP protection and for translational grant applications within UM and government agencies.

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