Seminar – Dr. Hongyou Fan

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Posted on 18 Sep

Seminar – Dr. Hongyou Fan

DATE: Friday, October 11, 2019 TIME: 1:30 pm—3:00 pm LOCATION: NCRC, B32 Auditorium

Nanoengineering through Self-/Directed-Assembly:
Multifunctional Nanostructures Made Easy

Self-/directed-assembly techniques are powerful and efficient methods for the synthesis of nanostructured materials. Using these techniques and their combination with top-down fabrication processes, materials with hierarchical features can be produced with form and function in multiple length scales. This presentation will cover our research on the utilization of self-/directed-assembly techniques for the synthesis of active multifunctional nanomaterials and their photonic- and bio-applications.

Dr. Hongyou Fan received a B.Sc. degree from Jilin University, a M.S. degree from Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry in the field of polymer chemistry and physics, and a Ph.D. degree in 2000 from the University of New Mexico in the field of nanoporous materials and composites. Dr. Fan conducted his postdoctoral work at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque before working there full time. Currently he is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Sandia and a National Laboratory Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of New Mexico. His research focuses on fundamental understanding of nanoparticle assembly for active nanomaterials and for nanoelectronic and nanophotonic applications. Major honors and awards include: MRS Mid-Career Researcher Award, MRS Kavli Distinguished Lectureship Award in Nanoscience, APS Fellow, MRS Fellow, Federal Laboratory Consortium – Outstanding Technology Development Award, R&D 100 Award for development of technically significant products, DOE’s National Laboratory Directed Research and Development Award for Excellence, the University of New Mexico Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award, and the Asian American Engineer of the Year Award.

Sandia National Laboratories is a multimission laboratory managed and operated by National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Honeywell International, Inc., for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-NA0003525.

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