In addition to excellence in scientific research, our community of scholars have an established track record of innovation, translation and entrepreneurship.

Our team actively participates in the translational ecosystem at U-M and partners with our innovation partners, including the Office of Technology Transfer and the Michigan Office for Clinical and Health Research to accelerate the path of their discoveries from the lab to clinical trials and to the market. Our technologies are licensed to newly-founded startup companies or industry partners for commercialization.

Selected Available Technologies

Startup Companies

Diagnostic tools to improve patient care
BIBC Inventor: Arul Chinniayan
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GreenMark Biomedical
Diagnostic and early treatment technologies for oral health
BIBC Inventor: Joerg Lahann
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Labyrinth Technologies
Life cycle management of cancer
BIBC Inventor: Sunitha Nagrath
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Personalized therapeutics for patients with genetically defined cancers
BIBC Inventor: Arul Chinnaiyan
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Evoq Therapeutics
Vaccine technology for cancer immunotherapy
BIBC Inventors: James Moon and Anna Schwendeman
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